The double F in RYHFF = For Freedom. The word RYHFF is an acronym with the underlying message to do what feels right for you, to get closer to your core by creative expression. These expressions can be either in a form of art or sport, in which you push your own limits. All inspired by our definition of freedom. 

Defining freedom /ˈfriːdəm/ noun (1): the energy felt from all activities adding value to your personal legend. This can be recognized in the Flow theory by M. Csikszentmihalyi (1990). He describes the flow state as “during flow, people typically experience deep enjoyment, creativity, and a total involvement with life”. After each flow experience, we change, our self has grown: in a way we have become more complex.

The complexer we become, the closer we are to our personal legend. While walking this path, both dark and light must be faced. Therefore we implement and play with balance and contradiction in all of our creations: clothing designs, content and website. We hope our clothing will remind you to pursue that, what makes your heart beat faster.  Come and flow with us.

We are Janice Ibe and Bob Ibe, we are the creators of RYHFF. We are brother and sister, raised in the Netherlands. We flow with what comes, and leave that what goes. We are in an infinite search of ourselves, that we seem to get closer to by snowboarding and surfing. Everything we fear, is what we forget when we are there - the mountains and the sea. Let's suit up. Come, and flow with us.