Supercar project


- There is a special code hidden in all mystery boxes A B C. The code is in the rose. 15 September RYHFF will announce the winner in our newsletter. Make sure to opt in for the newsletter to be notified. When you win you can choose the supercar you want to ride, It will be an one hour drive; Lamborghini, Ferrari, Mclaren, Aston Martin and more..

The mystery boxes contain different color variants, choose the color of your preference.

- All ages can enter. To drive the supercar yourself, you need a driver's license. Winners under age can give the ride to someone else or get to ride in a supercar, driven by an instructor. Enter by purchasing mystery box A B or C on the website; Every rose has a special code, only one number can be the winner. 


- During this campaign returns will be applicable for a voucher in return within this timeframe (1 July - 31 august)

- Winner will be announced 15 sept, there will be a code marked in a rose, this code will contain the winning number.

- Once an order is send in for return, you can’t win the supercar ride. If you only want to change the size, then you're still in the race. 

- The location of the 1 hour supercar ride will be hosted in The Netherlands